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Other Activity

Although the group’s main purpose is to perform shows, our members also have the opportunity to use their skills in other situations. These events are organized by the Fédération des échassiers landais


The races are categorised into two types:

  • Speed : This race is the most impressive; seeing the stilt walkers run with the same agility and speed as they would if there were running without stilts is something rather spectacular. Some of the best stilt walkers include: Rémi, Émilie, Marion, Sophie, Jérémy, Christopher, Carine, Elise, Justine, Clothilde…and in the children’s category, Robin and Océane who are between seven and twelve years old and are starting to test their own skills in these races.

  • Endurance : the most awaited each year is The Translandes. This race covers 110 km for the experienced stilt walkers and 70km for others. The race is a great challenge and a fight against fatigue and pain. There is nothing to win except the pride and achievement and the recognition from other fellow participants and friends. It is an experience where young people become stronger and learn to recognise their own limitations. This year seven members of our group participated in this race; Manuela, Marion, Emilie, Sophie, Rémi, Christopher and Jérémy. More than twenty helpers were there to monitor the race and ensure their safety and security.


The Federation organises dance workshops conducted by the instructors.

Besides the fact that these courses allow dancers to improve, it is also gives them the opportunity to compare and discuss their ideas. Throughout the day groups are mixed and new groups are formed to dance together. The workshops allow dancers to gain experience from other groups who are now becoming the new generation of dancers who will ensure the folklore dance will live on.

The téléthon (charity event)

Each year we organise a charity event in which we invite all the stilt walkers from The Landes region to participate. Amongst other events the real sporting challenge is to beat the world record; to go the furthest on stilts in 24 hours. In 1995, 93 stilt walkers covered a little less than 1600km in 24 hours despite the poor weather conditions. We manage each year to raise money which is then used to fight against genetic illnesses.

Fun days

  • A day on the cycle track: we invite all young and up and coming stilt walkers to participate in a 15 km race on a cycle track which provides a great environment and atmosphere.
  • A rally day: like any other sporting event on foot or bike but this is on stilts. Games and challenges along the way ensure good fun throughout the day.