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The Group

“Lous Tchancayres” means stilt-walkers in the local dialect of the Landes. Founded in 1972 in Mont-de-Marsan (40), our folk group is involved in perpetuating and showing you the customs of our ancestors from the Landes though music and danses during numerous shows. Dressed in traditional costumes, from the top of their stilts, our dancers will blow your mind with their ability to perform jigs, rondeaux, polkas, etc…

Ours performances

According to the wish of the artistic directors of festivals, festival committee and show producers, the group perform music march, eventually interspersed with dances and up to 1h30 of folk danses show, mainly on stilts, but not only (as well on the ground), accompanied by its musicians.
Every year, the group Lous Tchancayres participates to more than twenty events to present its dances, not only in France but also abroad.
Thus, we participate to various types of events : 
- villages festivals, 
- fairs, commercial events , theme meals, weddings, etc…

We also participate to national and international folk festivals, including recently :
– 1997 : Festival of the “Hareng d’Or” (Gold Herring) in Etaples sur Mer (Pas-de-Calais, France) where we won the audience award.
– 1998 : Festival of the “Chêne d’Or” (Gold Oak) of Saint Amand Montrond (Cher, France)
– 1999 : International Festival of Folklore of Vitoria (Alava, Spain)
– 2004: Feast of Grapes in Fréjus (Var, France)
– 2005: Engwiller Folie’s / Inter-folk Musics and Dances Festivals (Bas-Rhin, France)
– 2005 and 2006: Festival Internacional do Mundo Celta de Ortigueira (Galicia, Spain)
– 2006: Imaginarius Festival (Portugal)
- 2006: International Festival of Folklore of Moerbeke-Waas (Flanders, Belgium)
– 2004 and 2007 : World Festival of Folklore in Montréjeau (Haute-Garonne, France)